How to Build New Friendships or Make new friends

How to make new friends

Making new friends have many pros and on the other hand, it may also have cons. Friends have much importance as friends are a huge part of our life. In our busy lives when we are exhausted from work or daily 9-5 job, friends are the one that can play role in your life to relax you, give you joy, happiness and peace. 

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Friends are the one to whom we feel free to share most of everything in our lives. When we feel alone or completely low in our lives, they are the one who are there to support us, to give a solution to our problems and to make us relaxed. On the other hand, when we have some good news to share, friends are the one to whom we share at the first to take their good wishes.

Making new friends have many cons too as at the first sight we don’t have the idea that how he/she is. If they will support us or just demotivate us. Because in the world of close friends there are also some fake friends. So for one making new friends have many doubts. While making new friends one will have doubt that he/she will be with us through our thick and thin or not. So while making new friends one should be very careful.

The necessity of making new friends:

Best friends are those who reduce grief, give relief and prevent you from all the bad things in your life because the good friends are the one who always wants your best not your worst. Making new friends can help you to improve your physical and mental health. Because close friends are the one that take you away from your bad days.

Making new friends in 20s can be very interesting as you come around the new people with different interests, hobbies and daily routine. You can lean many things from them. You can come to know about their culture, religion, their favorite things to do in their spare time and many more.  Making new friends in your 20s can be very engaging, as you experience new things when you come around new people. You can learn many things while doing work together in this way you can come around new perceptive and ideas. To have new friends can be confusing too as in the age of 20s you don’t know enough that who will remain with you till the end.

Making new friends in Covid- 19 Pandemic:

Making new friends in such worst situation like covid-19 can be very difficult at some point. As it is clear that in such pandemic everyone is in isolation. No one can go out as social distancing is very important is such situation because no one wants to put their health in danger.

As in such pandemic, everything was close whether it is gyms, clubs, parks, restaurants and institutions. So it is very difficult to meet with the new people even your close friends. But coming around with new people can be possible too in this pandemic. One can come around new friends through social media. There are so many people on social media to whom one can make friends and know their interests and daily routine. In this way one can learn many things about them and one will come to know about the pros and cons of making friends online. 

Methods of how to make new friends:

Making yourself accessible:

Friends can’t be found by sitting alone. You have to go out to come around the new people. You have to find places where you can interact with new people.

There are many people in gyms, parks, universities and colleges where you can come around with new fellows and friends. If you find an opportunity to have some good new friends then have it because friends have really much importance in our busy and boring life. Because friends are the one that brings a lot of happiness and joy in our busy lives.

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Join various groups to find new friends:

This is one of very beneficial way to find new buddies. As there are so many groups in the society you live or there are so many groups on social media that by taking part in them or engaging yourself in that groups you can come around new people that can become your close friends.  

Take a first step:

If you find someone that attracts you so much or you find that he/she will be good for your life than it is necessary that you have to make the first attempt to talk to them. Whenever you see or talk to a new person you have an opportunity to make a new lasting friend. You can join several clubs, organizations so that you can find various opportunities to come around new people and to make them friends.


Whenever you find new people or talk with new people so keep one thing in mind talk with them with good behaviour and smile when you are talking with them. When you smile during the conversation with someone this will show how friendly you are with them. So smiling conversation with new people can one of the best opportunity to make new friends.

Be confident:

Be confident when you are talking with the new person this will put a great impact on the other person. Be yourself while making new friends this will give you a lot of confidence Smile is the best way that will show that you are confident in your conversation with a new person.


It is the main thing you have to show while meeting new people. Because you can’t make new friends if you don’t understand them. If you don’t understand the feelings of the next people you can’t be close to them. So understanding is the important key to make new friends.


Every time when you want to make new friends then it is necessary to follow above-mentioned tips which can be very useful for you.

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