What is a Monogamous Relationship?


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Monogamy or a monogamous relationship is an enactment to sexual relation or having a marriage to one person at one time. It means that a person in a monogamous relationship shows fidelity, faithfulness, or have a sexual, romantic and spiritual attachment with a single person only at one time. North Americans are at the top number in practising monogamy.

What is a monogamous relationship
Romantic relationship

Most people confuse this term, make others searching about 'what is a monogamous relationship' on different platforms. It is neither rocket science nor the most difficult theory of chemistry based on formula solutions.

There are a number of confusions too. Because of different approaches to observe a thing, it has been taken in many senses. Some people acquire close relationships with a partner but have formal relations with someone else too. Others think that their partner should involve in all social and psychological activities, but do not develop sexual contact with anyone else. In North America, people are allowed to have multiple monogamous relationships for a lifetime. It is also known as 'Serial Monogamy'.

It is common to practice monogamous contact but some people do not find interest in such relationships because different people have different sexual desires, needs and cravings.

Monogamy and health considerations

Sexual health is an important aspect of one's life particularly for those who are in relationships. Talking with the partner about romance and sex may enhance the stamina and develop signs of good sex.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are more likely to transmit in another person if one of the partners is already having it. Viral infections can attack the other person without being noticed. One who has such infections can lead the another to possess it anytime in a monogamous relationship. Once the symptoms are shown, then such transmission from one to other can be noted.

Sexual contacts are complicated enough, and most of the girls are shy innate. They do not like to talk about sex. If either of the two-persons in monogamy performs sex with another one (cheats the partner), it is more likely to go in shackles of viruses, diseases and ailments. Sometimes. sexual stamina goes too down.

It is recommended that regular check-up or Pap testing should be performed who is with the cervix, irrespective of the status they have about the relationship. In fact, regular STI testing makes sure that your sexual health is maintained. People in relationships should consider it necessary as an annual general check-up.

What is Non Monogamous relationship?

Research shows that around 5% of the relationships are openly non-monogamous or polyamorous relationship. Some people ask about secret monogamy, it means that without being honest and informing your partner, one is having sex with others too. We can say it 'cheating'. An openly non monogamous relationship asserts that partners have an agreement over having sexual contacts with others known as ethical non monogamous relationship.

Types of Non Monogamous Relationships

  • Open relationships, means both are agreed to have sex with others
  • Polyamory means both agreed to make love or do sex with others
  • Hierarchical polyamory, it means one has one main partner and others may be secondary. (In such cases, a partner of another is also known as metamor)
  • Egalitarian polyamory, it means one of the two can have another partner. They live with each other considering equal to both persons.
  • Monogamish non-monogamy; it means that relationships with others are a bit secret but somehow known to the partner
  • Solo poly, it shows that a person resides in the house alone but is visited often by several partners, or he visits them
  • Relationship anarchists, they are those who have many close people in their lives.

How Non-Monogamous Relationships Work Actually?

Surveys and researches show that most of the people like non-monogamous relationships, and they find more comfort, easiness, and enjoyment comparatively. Some have commented that having monogamy leads to unavoidable depression signs and frustration. Many people in non-monogamous relationships were jealous if their partner is in contact with other people. But with the passage of time, it is now changed. Most of the people who are in non-monogamy say their feelings as 'compersion' because they want their partner to be happy (She or he likes to be in relationship with other person is okay for such people).

It has now become an easy way for non-monogamous relationship people that they set their rules that what are their needs in a relationship, and how are they going to satisfy themselves? They plan out everything for not to create any disturbance in their own personal relationship between the two.

Which is better between Monogamous relationship and Non-monogamy?

It differs for different people. Some are religious while others are secular and atheists. Many people do not find any interest in non-monogamy because of their religious thoughts. And, there are many who love non-monogamous relationship. Religious people even call such relationships as sinful acts and they will have to answer their God in the life hereafter.

It is better for an individual to decide according to one's set principles and ideology that where one leads to; either monogamy or non-monogamy. Hence, we do not say what is better between the two. Medically speaking, having physical intimacy with different people will have more chances of being caught by hazardous and dangerous viruses.

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