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I feel useless. I have low self-esteem. Sometimes I cry a lot. I hate myself. I lost my appetite. I feel like sleeping all day. Sometimes I do my normal routine and engage in my hobbies. But other times I can't get out of my bed. Please help me. I can't talk to my parents.

Our Reply:

Hi Anonymous, I hope that you are good enough to tackle what happens to you.

Most of the problems happen in Eastern countries are because of relationship or marital problems. 

You need to ask these questions from you. Check our answers and guidance for you too.

1. Why you are useless? 

Our answer: You are feeling useless because you may not be working professionally. What is your profession or job? If you don't work, then you must be studying. You should engage yourself in studying at least 5-6 hours a day. You will feel engaging, better, and useful.

2. Why you have low esteem?

Our answer: You may be physically or mentally doing nothing or doing something for a few hours, and then wasting your time in useless thinking. You must adhere to a routine and schedule. You can read this article for making schedule

3. Why you cry a lot?

Our answer: Because you do not have happiness enough to beat sadness and worries. You must find out what makes you unhappy. Learn how to increase happy hormones.

4. Why you feel sleeping all day?

Our answer: It is so because you are focusing over negative directions rather than counting blessings. You must have a proper schedule. I know that you know schedule helps in life, but you may be thinking I am just wasting your time in telling you useless things. But trust me, having and maintaining a time table increases the vitality, mentality and happiness in the day.

5. Why you start hating yourself?

Our answer: It happens when you are in severe despair. In fact, such are the situations when there is no one to support. We hope your family is supportive to you. If you have committed something that makes you remorse, then you must try to forget that. Start your new life today, make sure you are doing a proper job, work or study. We believe those who are sincere with one's work do better in their lives. 

We are here for you. But we want to know what are actual things that make you unhappy and sad. An unhappy person is always stuck in bad times and improper thinking. In last, I want to tell you that it is very necessary to do workout/yoga/exercise for a good day. And, read books that you like. These things are going to help you a lot in making your life better than it is now.

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Other recommendations:

  • Do exercise daily
  • Read something regularly
  • Go for some outing
  • Do not think uselessly
  • Try thinking and making new plans 
  • Remind your goals every day
  • Make strategies to accomplish your goals
  • Build good relations with family members
  • Do not sit with those who degrade your values
  • Do not share secrets with everyone
  • Make good friends who are happy and determined
  • Change your company; from narrow-minded to visionary people
  • Get a proper night sleep for 8 hours

We are ready to hear from you again. Feel free to get our free online counselling.
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