Counselling for Students has become need of the hour

Counselling for students; an important step towards education

In the time of the 21st century, career counselling for students has now become the need of the hour to get guidance before going to join any field of education. The thing has now changed, and 2020 is the era that is passing along with globalization and increasing technology. Without proper knowledge of things and accurate operations of the resources can rail one towards irregular and unwanted chores. These chores will make a person waste energy, resources and time.

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Most of the educationists teach how to get 100 per cent marks in the examinations but they forget to teach how can students study and with proper attention, concentration and memorization. If we look into the society, it is obviously noticeably that students even suffer a lot while choosing a book, preparing time table, and deciding what to study first and what last.

Importance of Counselling in 2020

How would students know what career fits them? In fact, none of the students can know that they are choosing a right career because they have not been in the practical life to even analyse what their nature is, and what is their passion to opt as a career in professional life. This is how students suffer troubles after getting graduation and postgraduation degrees in the current times. So, as to meet with increasing technology, every state has an onus to provide counselling for students in educational and training institutions.

How do school counsellors help students?

School counsellors help students by making them know their inner self and what suits them in practical life according to attitude and behaviour

In short, a person who can identify one's passion can easily lead to choosing the best career. Suitable career is the only profession which is your own profession.
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