Knowing about the causes of failure in examinations is necessary

Know about the causes of failure in exams

When children get a good position in exams, they are encouraged by their parents. Every parent wants their child to get good grades. Now, where is it possible that all the children in the class are equal? Children who get good grades are praised in the family, encouraged and mentioned in everyone's language. From which even the parents do not flourish. In this moment of joy and happiness, relatives also give gifts and prizes to the children. But at the same time, the child whose marks are low is subjected to severe humiliation. He is compared to cousins ​​that he is better than you. 

However, the position of your own child in school will be worse. I have never heard of a child being consoled by his parents at a low score, no matter what, if you go to the field with better preparation next year, the world will be yours. Encouraged but cursed upside down.

We lack courage and fortitude. We consider failure to be the failure of life. He was once seated and told that no matter what, success and failure are part of life. No one tried to find out the reasons for this failure. The reason may be anything but the pressure is put on the child. Sit down and talk to them to find out the reasons why the child is weak. Look at your own situation to see if the home environment does not have a bad effect on the child.

There is nothing wrong with parental fights or any other problem for the child in school or outside friends. Check out its environment. Talk to him and find out the facts. Make a new constitution. Don't celebrate your children's failures, but don't make life and death a problem. Don't scold them, love them.

An incident in India

One such incident took place in India in which a student, Ashuviyas, did not succeed despite his hard work, but his father had created a marriage atmosphere at home. Drums are being played loudly at the door, fireworks are being set up on the roof, and a tent has been set up on the walls of the house. While my father had invited his friends to attend and there was a dinner program for them.

It was as if the son had accomplished something great. The son whispered to his father, "You have a misunderstanding. I don't have a pass. But the father did not listen to one of his sons and danced. He later told everyone that Ashobi is my son. My son will stay.

Just as the father-son relationship is maintained when he passes, so the relationship should be maintained even if he fails. Success in life does not depend on success in exams, nor was it the last test of life. There will be many more tests ahead in life. I was with my son yesterday and I am still with my son today and I will continue to hold my son's hand and organize a similar grand ceremony on his temporary failure.

"I want to tell my son that I am not one of those parents who thinks a one-time failure in exams is a failure of life and a son is forced to commit suicide out of fear of his parents. I think parents who do not have the courage to bear only one failure of their children.

Through this event, I want to convey the message to these parents that give your children a chance to congratulate them on their success and provide them with happiness, as well as encourage them on their failures. Be supportive and support them in preparing for future life exams.

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