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Many people are having uncountable problems in life, and they want free online counselling for their problems for getting the peace of mind. We are giving free online therapy to patients. Some people are looking for online therapy for agoraphobia whereas others want to get relationship counselling for free.

You might not know that we are providing free therapy through messages. And, we will talk with those who need to talk with us directly. Our experts are also busy daily giving free online mental health counselling. Some couples fight daily, which result in divorce which sounds bad for ethics.

In the list of millions of people, many persons are searching ‘online guidance counsellor or my counsellor online’ because they are willing to get some sort of advice to get the panacea abruptly for their problems. We have separately discussed some main counselling and guidance topics.

free relationship counselling online for couples
Free counselling online for men and women

Free online Relationship Counselling 

Relationship is a beautiful bond between two persons, or it may be among many as friends. We have observed that you can get your destined love from someone if you follow some things. You may be depressed for having no sound relation with even your wife. Your spouse may be shouting daily because of a feeble relationship. In this situation, you should get free relationship counselling from us.

Want to get it now? Go on, and you have an option there to tell your problems. We will give you relationship counselling without any penny as a non-profit organization.

Free online Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling is a main topic in the counselling niche. If you are willing to get marital counselling before getting married, we will guide you about this. You should know whom you are getting married to. This will help you choose the best spouse for you.

Marriage counsellor online chats are available as well that provide you with enough knowledge that you need before going to get married and choosing a spouse. You should send a text of your scenario to us so that we can look into the matter.

Career Counselling

Career counselling for students is mandatory in 2021 as various departments are growing with time. You can now observe multiple new departmental names are heard daily. In this situation, college and university students might not be able to select their profession.

We will provide you with the best career counselling for school students and many others who are willing to choose the right profession.

Free online counselling for mind

Mind handles all functions of your body. Do you know what will happen if you are having mental health issues? If you feel that you are getting boredom and depression signs, we will be in touch if you pass a request to us by using our form on the homepage. We are here to facilitate you with insights that you severely need to exempt yourself from anxieties.

Mind counselling for young persons who face anxiety is very necessary. 

Free online counselling for anxiety

In recent days, people are afraid of several mishaps. Most of the persons who are associated with various professional attitudes are hunt by sheer anxieties. You must know that what causes of anxieties are making you worried and depressed. When a person reaches the origin of woe then it becomes easier to evade it too. 

We also provide free online counselling for students and couples to avoid depression, anxiety, and boredom.

Free online instant counselling for depression management

Depression or depressing disorder is a great problem for people. Many of the men, who are doing jobs and works, even face depression signs. It may be because of increasing competition and lack of mental peace in the common communities.

So, get free instant counseling from us today.

Free mental health Counselling online

Depression is also a cause of mental health disorders. You face many other mental health disorders when you are facing depression. Whatever your problem is, either depression or any other mental issue, we will give online psychiatric counselling.

Grief Counselling for adults, students, and other professionals

Our online psychiatric consultation free is available for 24 hours. Many professional people are having grief these days. We are amazed that people are working like machines without relaxing themselves and getting some hours to soothe their souls. You can get grief counselling today to make your tomorrow happy with us.

We know another platform for counselling which is also doing its best. You should search “online therapy 7 cups” in the search engine; you will it on the first page. It is also a good platform to get counseling. We are not promoting ourselves, and it is a reason to be mentioning another good counseling platform.

Love counseling free

Free love counselling will 100% change your life. Because of the high divorce rate in young couples, we have decided to focus on this type of guidance as well. If you are single, you should get marriage counselling. At the same time, married men and women should prefer to acquire love guidance from us.

We have some love counselors online free. They will guide you to buttress your relationship ties.

Frequently Asked Questions by people

What are the stages of our free online counseling process?

  • Getting information about your problems
  • Researching on the issue or problem
  • Analyzing all possible solutions
  • Finding out the suitable remedy for your issues
  • We deliver you the guidance article

What is the purpose of counselling you for free?

The purpose of counselling, you for free is to make people smiling and laughing. We love all human beings and other creatures. As we are humans, we can understand and make possible solutions to the problems. Hence, we are doing this without any cost.

Online counselling anonymous means people are trying to hide their identity, and they are searching for such platforms which do not disclose the identity of a person. We don’t require your identity at all; just ask your name, email, and information like this to become franker with you so that you may get what we are trying to guide you.

How can I get counselling with no money?

There are online counselling platforms which provide free counselling to people around the world. You can also find one best for you that suits your demands the most. We, at Get Counselling Here, are also providing you online counselling for free without charging you even a cent.

We believe that when people are happy, and strong mentally and physically, a nation becomes powerful, wise and decisive unanimously.

How many types of counselling are there?

There are several types of counselling online available that you can observe on diverse blogs. We have mentioned the most popular above, and these topics are our main topics for counselling you as well. You can get any advice from us without hesitation. 

If you are having any problem regarding your type of problem, just have no worries! Contact us, we will guide you soon.

How effective is online counselling?

Online counselling is as effective as water to remove your thirst. Without coming before a person, it becomes easier to even share secrets or such things that make you shy in the face to face counselling. So, the efficiency of digital counselling platforms is higher than that of operating physically.

Is there any free online therapy?

Yes, there are many free online therapy services available as ours. We are providing free online guidance services for everyone.

Can you get free counselling?

Yes, you can get free counselling with us, and many others who are doing so for free. Whichever platform suits your requirements or mental health issues, you can choose that one for you.

Where can I talk to a therapist for free?

You can talk to a therapist for free using free online platforms who are rendering such services. We can also analyze your problems with our experience in the problem-solving niche.


Free online counselling for all means every person can get free guidance and advice from us. We don’t make any questions that embarrass your inner soul. We just listen to you & solve your problem.

If you like our free services, subscribe to us using email “Follow by email” section on every post. We are awaited to hear from you!
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