Lucrative job is career? | A lesson of career counselling

What is career?

An employment undertaken for a certain time with promotions and opportunities is called a career. You should think that what type of career you are interested to appoint in. There are hundreds and thousands of professions in the world that are looking forward to you. But, you have to be very careful in choosing a career for you. You don't need to go for most lucrative job but the profession that suits your passion and working capacity.

What is lucrative job?

A money-making job can be called as lucrative job. The profession that you work in, and makes a lot money will be called as high paying profession. It is lucrative job. The thing is that to decide whether you should join a money-making job or not. Medical profession or engineering jobs are most lucrative jobs in world as you will make lot of money in such jobs because of their high salaries.

Is lucrative job a career?

The profitable job should not be undertaken as career always but one should think before going for any job. You may be interested in becoming a doctor but you don't like to work with patients. You are interested enough to become a police officer, but you cannot arrest thieves. Does that sound good to you?

Surely, it it unacceptable. The profession you are interested in, to join that you should also have capacity of mind and body to work in that. So, never think of going into a money-making career. That can uplift you but the chances of destroying career are higher in such a bad decision.

The most lucrative job and suitable in world for you is the profession pursuance of your passion that is different from your interest. We know that you don't even focus sometimes to know what your profession is. Don't be so lazy and overcome your indolent attitude. You laziness can take away all your potential that should be invested in building your career and supporting collective benefits of all.


A good salary does not look lucrative job. High paying professions do not value you if you go unfit for them. Find a profession that is high paying and also your passion. It will turn itself turn in one of the most lucrative jobs in world. Get career counselling from us now and increase your career motivation.
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