Is depression a disease or state of mind?

what is depression if we define it

Everybody goes to a doctor for the treatment of one's illness of depression and anxiety. People call it "Illness or disease". We don't think that it is a permanent disease but a state of mind. However, it leaves some impacts that perpetuate for some time but not very permanently. Even, great depression is not a permanent disease.

Is depression a disease or state of mind?
Depression is presence of despair and absence of hope

It is noticed, that those people who stay at home look depressed and in despair, when they go to have fun with friends then they are happy. So, it shows that it is due to time, people, place and circumstances. Depression can be regarded in such a sense that it is just a state of mind. Nothing else is the great depression.

Symptoms or signs of great depression are changing. Some are metal agony, despondency, despair, sadness, sheer anxiety, lack of sleep, distressful mind and feeling like a fish out of water. The depression symptoms have reasons, for which they create and when such causes of great depression vanish, also the depression goes away with origins. Signs of depression look awkward for people because they cannot remain in anxiety. Ina anxieties, they lose beautiful relationships and bombastic style as well.

Some months ago, we concluded that a place can even cause depression and anxiety for a person. You may be thinking that how to define depression. The depression is "absence of peacefulness of mind and lack of happiness". A person who was at metropolitan city got agonized by noise pollution. He was feeling very depressed and restless. He lived in a village. By changing the place, he became disturbed. Also, people can make your mind and soul uneasy for you as you might not like their attitude.

We have seen working people around us, who look tired after working for some hours. They get depressed after some works completion. Because, their total energies are utilized and they need more. This is a situation that can also worsen your worries. It means that the great depression is nothing but a state of mind that lacks in the presence of peacefulness of soul & mind as well as happiness.

Clinical depression or major depressive disorder is also the same thing. It is a mental disorder that takes place because of the presence or sudden arrival of some unwanted things. Suppose, we don't need dictatorship in our countries if it exists then we start hating it a lot. After some time, we start maligning it. We will ultimately go into a mental disorder with crippling depression.

Doctors may define depression in else way but the thing is the same. All things cannot be solved by medicines only but some get solved with mind counseling. A counselor can also guide with experiences. Also, it has been observed about the types of depression which is not a new thing. Types of great depression are the names of depression caused due to different things. So the names of these crippling mental disorders are different.

If one is suffering from cancer and he knows it very well, he will become the patient of great depression after some time. He may get worried by painful medical treatments like operation etc. One can call it surgical depression. If you are a poor one and have to manage your food, but still you don't have a single penny then you will start worrying. This situation's caused depression can be called economic depression. The types of depression are classified according to the causes of the great depression in this way.

Depression is the state of mind as happiness is.

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