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How to stay at home without getting bored

We hope you're doing well. You are welcome at our platform for learning and getting counselling. Today, you are going to learn full guidance on how to stay at home without getting bored in Coronavirus outbreak. It has now become a pandemic so you have to stay at your home so that you can remain unaffected by COVID-19 virus.

You should know that recent coronavirus is very dangerous virus that has been regarded the most perilous than those which existed before this. Coronavirus cause is clandestine and somehow beyond of common man. Human coronavirus is also reported to have been infected in cats and horse. Coronavirus in cat or horse may agonized these animals as well. Coronavirus updates show that it causes respiratory illness and such diseases that will affect kidneys and liver ultimately affected will perish in no time.

We strongly pray for everyone to remain unaffected from SARS coronavirus. You should keep in mind that antivirus to coronavirus has not been prepared. It means coronavirus cure is not available for any of us. It is just some treatment available of previous generations to soothe one from agony and physical disturbance that COVID-19 creates in man. It is very gloomy to coronavirus victims dying of it yet our paramedics and medical specialists are working to facilitate people.

We are suggesting you strictly that please stay at home till coronavirus reasons and treatments are found. This is the implementation of precautionary measures so that number of cases of coronavirus may not increase. These precautionary measures to reduce coronavirus cases is safety plan of your strong relations and healthy relationships among families. Save your strong ties between one and other by staying at home and following our 'stay at at home guidelines'.

Guidelines to stay at home easily

  1. You should your favourite dishes/eatables/other things available with you for more than 15 days.
  2. You must take care of your physical and mental health conditions so that your immune system should remain healthy and safe from the attack of coronavirus elements
  3.  Eat fruits and healthy things daily for your immunity boost-up
  4. Do at home workouts and exercise a lot covering your mouth and nose with face mask
  5. During exercise,your mouth should be covered so that nothing should go through your swift sighs into your inside organs.
  6. You should make a schedule for your routine things like watching movies and shows or playing games on desktop. 
  7. Manage timetable for all things in priority based so that ordered things can soothe your mind and brain.
  8. You should read novels,books,magazines of different hues according to your taste and passion.
  9. You can learn skills on internet that are free of cost. You will really enjoy a lot and forget about coronavirus.
  10. Creating panic will disturb the whole system. So, try to enjoy and make your family members happy by playing and negotiating with them about your favourite things. Discuss about your health,entertainment and games as well.
  11. Reading is a great thing. This adds into one's mind capacity and brain maturity.
  12. Readers are the leaders so read as much as you can.
  13. Play ludo and indoor games with family members
  14. Couples should sing songs for each other. This will create love between two. Also get marriage counselling or couple counselling from us in this free time and 'stay at home hours'.
  15. If you are a student, you should cover your all syllabus with strategy to get great grades in your examinations. Before stay-at-home-hours get passed, make optimistic use of it by getting every knowledge of your subject. Also, you should consult our counsellors and get career counselling.
  16. You have YouTube. If you are writer or have any skill then go to freelance website and sign up your account there now. Start making money from today with best utilization of 'stay at home hours and days' .
  17. If you are one of those people who are always complaining about low finances, few facilities or anything that you don't own then pursue our counselling services. We will help to get you out of anxieties and depression signs.
  18. If you are married, then enjoy with your spouse. Perhaps, your spouse is angry, then try to conciliate him/her. If you are single, seek our couples counselling services so that you should get married with right man/woman.
  19. Your talent is your money. Utilise your talent and skills in this time of 'stay-at-home-hours' so that you may earn your name in these hours. If you think you don't have any skill then try to learn one these days till the lock-down ends and coronavirus gets defeated.
  20. We are ready to give you free online counselling for your problems and issues. If after reading previous nineteen guidelines, you think these are not beneficial for you. Contact us and tell about your routine and interests, we will guide you.


"Get Counselling Here" is free counselling provider platform so that we can help our people remain calm and relaxed. All human beings are worthy of free from such viruses like coronavirus. So, you are requested to stay at home. If you have any query regarding self-improvement or personality development, you can free free to seek our free counselling.
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