What is difference between interest and passion

Difference between Interest and Passion

Interest and passion. These two words are misunderstood to be same but they have different concepts. You certainly want a successful career in your life. Everybody will guide you to choose your career according to your interest. Whereas our counselling services are full of recommendation to go for passion. You should choose a career that is your passion.


Interest is like attentiveness or absorption and understanding of a certain thing. You may consider that whatever you like entails interest. All things that look fascinating for you may be your interest.


Passion is an emotional or sentimental engrossment. In other words, passion is a feeling or sensation. We call passion a part of soul. Whereas interest is carried by cogitation and thinking.

How to choose your career? Either interest or passion?

You may be making a blend of interest and passion

For clarification, let's say that a counsellor has fantastic counselling skills. He counsels patients of depression. He also charges some fee from the depressed persons. But when depression-patients do not pay him. He does not like to treat them in that case. It is interesting because of some foundations.

The same counsellor does not charge anything for providing counselling. He makes free of cost counselling for everybody without considering even region, religion and race. So, without any profit or benefit, he does. It is passion.

We hope you have now understood the concept of passion and interest. We posted the difference just to make you realize that your career must be your passion. You should have strong sensation like passion for any career. This is what will make you successful in your life. We are available for counselling you. We do offer career counselling as well. You will have mental repose after getting guidance and advice.
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